Print Keep Your Cat Healthy at Every Age

Your cat should be able to enjoy a long, healthy life. Here are some tips to help along the way.

People are living longer, healthier lives these days, and so are their cats. Indoor cats live longer than they used to. Now it's not uncommon for them to reach age 20.

"Cats are definitely living longer," says Fran Shaw, president of the Cat Writers' Association, Inc., and nationally known author of cat behavior books. "We have better medical diagnostics, procedures, and veterinary care, including pediatric and prenatal care. It's an extension of owners recognizing that what we can do for people, we can do for cats. We can give them better nutrition just like we do for children."

Unique Cat Care for Every Life Stage

Moms (and doctors) are right: A healthy lifestyle is the key to a long, vital life. That's also true for cats—proper nutrition, regular health care, plenty of exercise, routine dental care, and new technology help ensure a healthy, long-living feline. Because cats have age-specific nutritional requirements, it's important to feed yours a high-quality, super-premium diet designed especially for her stage of life. Eukanuba® Cat Foods feature just such formulas for kittens, adults, and mature cats.

Specific formulas help manage issues such as weight gain and the formation of hairballs. Plus, all adult Eukanuba Dry Cat Foods now contain DentaDefense™, which helps slow tartar buildup, today's most commonly diagnosed feline health issue, by up to 40 percent.

Keep Your Cat Active

Kittens are naturally always playing—stalking, jumping, and climbing—which keeps them in excellent shape. As your cat ages, continuing to be that active will help her maintain muscle bulk and strength, mental stimulation, and proper bowel function, and help her stay trim.

Try these exercise tips to sustain your older cat's health:

  • Re-create hunting behaviors with treat balls requiring cats to "work" for their food.
  • Encourage her to use the stairs by moving her dinner or favorite pillow upstairs.
  • Buy a more accessible scratching post, or put her old one on its side if your cat has arthritis or has trouble jumping.

Visit Your Cat’s Vet

Yearly physical exams are crucial to keeping your cat happy and healthy. Visits to your cat’s veterinarian may include a medical and behavioral history, a physical examination, a weight check, and more. Blood tests, fecal exams, and urine analyses may be done yearly.

Because early diagnosis of conditions such as arthritis and kidney disease are essential, biannual visits are recommended for cats age 7 and older.

Advances in Iams® Veterinary Technology

Technology and medicine offer help for cats of all ages. P&G Pet Care recently opened the Iams Pet Imaging Center in Vienna, Virginia. This state-of-the-art facility brings today's best MRI technology to the area's cats and dogs.

With new technology, these tips, and your loving care, your feline's chances of enjoying a long and healthy life are better than ever.

Eukanuba® Cat Foods—What Healthy Cats Are Made Of

Eukanuba Cat Foods provide super-premium nutrition for your cat, with:

  • The Eukanuba Vital Health System™, which targets six essential health functions
  • Optimal levels of protein for specific life stages and lifestyles
  • Essential amino acids, including taurine, for well-defined muscle tone, clear eyes, and a healthy coat
  • Exceptional digestibility for reduced litter-box waste and odor.
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