Print Can My Cat’s Diet Prevent Hairballs?

Most cats spend a considerable amount of time grooming their coat. As they do so, the hair is swallowed and may build up over time in their stomach. If the hairball doesn't pass from the stomach, the cat will attempt to eliminate it by coughing or gagging.

Many cats will cough up a hairball at some point in their life, but some cats, such as longhaired cats and cats who groom excessively, are especially prone to hairballs. In cats who are prone to hairballs, frequent brushing can help reduce the amount of hair that is ingested, thereby reducing the risk of hairball formation. Feeding a special diet designed to decrease the likelihood of developing a hairball may also help.

How a Eukanuba® Diet Can Help Prevent Hairballs

Diet can be important in hairball relief for several reasons. The Eukanuba patent-pending fiber combination of powdered cellulose and beet pulp helps move hair through the digestive tract. Eukanuba nutritional research has shown that cats fed our hairball management formulas pass 80 percent more hair in their feces than cats fed the leading premium dry cat food. By helping ingested hair to be passed from the digestive tract, our hairball management formulas help reduce the opportunities for hairballs to form. This fiber blend also includes a moderately fermentable component to promote intestinal health.

High-quality, animal-based protein and fat provide important nutrients for skin and coat health. Maintaining skin and coat health may reduce the risks of excessive shedding, ingestion of hair from grooming, and, consequently, hairball formation.

What If Your Cat Is Overweight?

Overweight cats have special nutritional needs in order to promote weight loss or weight management and can benefit from a diet designed specifically for them. If an overweight cat has problems with hairballs, Eukanuba has hairball management formulas designed to meet her special nutritional needs.

Should a Hairball Care Formula Be Fed Exclusively?

Yes. Mixing other foods with hairball management formulas may compromise the effectiveness of this diet by diluting the nutrients that help reduce the risk of hairball formation. Switching between hairball management formulas and another cat food may also decrease the benefit of feeding this diet.

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