Print Cat People’s Kitten Tips and Tricks

No one knows kitten training tips and tricks like dedicated cat people. Here are our Consumer Care Team’s best tips on training your kitten.

Cathy and Blackie

Remember to start petting/playing with your pet's paws, ears, and tail when they are young. Vet exams and nail trims will be easier.

Jennifer and DJ

Buy your kitten a toothbrush, and start using it now. Even though they won't keep these teeth, you are getting them used to the process. If your kitten does not like the brush, I have found using a piece of gauze or a rubber finger brush will do the trick.

Jill and Woody

When training your kitten, use one-word commands such as "No!" instead of "Why are you doing that?" and "Sit!" instead of "Sit down here."

Melody, Romeo, and Kato

Provide one more litter box than the number of kittens in the household.

Tonya and Sophie

My kitten loves to get in my plants. I place tinfoil around the base of the plant. She hates the way it feels on her tiny paws.

Tina, Kodi, Katie, and Buddie

During the holidays, make sure you do not use icicle tinsel on your tree or leave the gift-wrapping ribbon lying around. I learned the hard way how much damage these can cause to  kittens if they swallow the entire piece whole.

Laura and Annabelle

When getting used to a new kitten, don't force yourself into her living space. She will warm up to you faster if you take a slower pace.

Sharon and Her Herd

Place an expandable gate in front of the litter box so your puppies can't help themselves to the kitty appetizers. Make sure it is one that your kitten can fit through, but your puppy cannot.

Marti and Rasputin

Be sure to clean water bowls daily. A piece of kitten food will make water rancid in just a few hours.


Socialization is very important. Make sure your pet has an opportunity to socialize with other people outside the immediate family, both adults and children.

Karla and Chucky

If your kitten doesn't like being brushed or combed, try using a small PIN brush (the kind most often used for longhaired dogs). You can find these at most pet stores. It doesn't pull on the fur so much, it gets the excess fur, and most kittens really enjoy it. Chucky purred every time he was brushed.

Pamela and Mo

I found the best way to keep kittens off my countertop was to line it with wax paper.

Theresa and Kasey

Use vinegar and water to neutralize the smell of pet urine on carpet, clothes, etc. My veterinarian recommended this to me when I moved into my new home. So far Kasey has not soiled in the house.

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