At Eukanuba™, we believe that with extraordinary nutrition and training, dogs can do extraordinary things—especially when it comes to helping children, veterans and adults with disabilities.

Eukanuba™ is proud to partner with Canine Companions for Independence® to provide expertly trained assistance dogs that help their owners gain independence with everyday tasks. For nearly two decades, Eukanuba™ and Canine Companions have been dedicated to developing an understanding of the relationship between nutrition, cognition and overall health to ensure assistance dogs can perform their best for those in need. Together, we provide high-quality nutrition and training through all stages of a dog's life.

Hundreds of people are still on the wait list for a match with a Canine Companions assistance dog. From flipping on a light or opening the refrigerator to experiencing an incredible bond, you can help us show a person with disabilities the difference a dog can make in their lives with a donation to Canine Companions.

About Canine Companions for Independence

Founded in 1975, Canine Companions for Independence is a nonprofit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and a lifetime of ongoing support—free of charge. Canine Companions is the largest nonprofit provider of assistance dogs and is recognized worldwide for the quality and strength of the matches it makes between dogs and people.

Canine Companions’ unique and proven team training program ensures that the relationship between dog and human is powerful and lasting. Companion dogs help with practical tasks, such as turning off the lights, as well as providing a loving and supportive partner for their owners. This powerful relationship leads to increased independence, self-esteem and inclusion for a person with a disability.