Dog Probiotics for Good Digestion and Nutrient Absorption

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Digestion and nutrient absorption

Your dog’s nutritional needs are significantly different than yours and so are her digestive capabilities. Dogs evolved from wolves—carnivores who are built to digest animal protein and fat, rather than high levels of fiber or vegetables.

To help maintain her overall well–being, she requires a diet like EUKANUBA™ that provides highly digestible animal protein ingredients—like chicken, lamb or fish—as well as carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. She also needs the equivalent of dog probiotics and a certain amount and type of fiber to aid gastrointestinal health and digestion.

Beet pulp is a natural fiber that provides bulk, helps to move food through the intestines and can be broken down by gut bacteria, aiding the digestive process.

(FOS)—in selected EUKANUBA™ diets—is a prebiotic fiber that promotes the growth of good bacteria, comparable to those found in probiotic yogurts for humans. This helps maintain the natural balance of a healthy gut.

A dog processes its food in around half the time of a human, so it’s essential that the nutrients are optimally absorbed. EUKANUBA™ is specially tailored to your dog’s digestive system, meaning she gets the maximum benefit from every bowl.