Essential Puppy Supplies – What You Need to Be Ready

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Puppy supplies

Make sure you’re ready for your new puppy’s arrival with these essential puppy supplies:

  • Food and Water Bowls: Select bowls that have a wide base and are easy to clean. Puppies do best if they are fed two to three premeasured meals per day (two meals per day works well for adults). Fresh, clean water should be available at all times.
  • Food: Choose a high–quality, nutritionally complete and balanced food like EUKANUBA™ Puppy Growth formula that’s designed for your puppy’s needs and breed size.
  • Grooming Equipment: Use a brush or comb that’s suitable for the type of coat your dog has. Purchase dog shampoo for bathing and a set of dog nail clippers for keeping nails trimmed.
  • Collar and Leash: Your dog’s collar should be snug but not too tight. Use a six–foot lead that will keep her safe during walks yet still allow her some freedom to explore.
  • Crate and Bed: Most puppies and young dogs benefit from being trained to rest and sleep in a crate. This aids in–house training and keeps dogs safe when they can’t be closely supervised. Some owners also include a soft bed or pad in the crate. Pick a size that your puppy can grow into.
  • Chew Toys and Interactive Toys: Provide a variety of durable chew toys that are designed for dogs and interesting toys for fetching and chasing.
  • Treats for Training: Your puppy will start learning early so make sure you have treats like EUKANUBA™ HEALTHY EXTRAS™ on hand for motivation.
  • Mom/Littermates Scent: Rub a towel or a shirt on your puppy’s mom and littermates to bring their scent home—it will help your puppy adjust.
  • Cleanup Supplies: ACCIDENTS happen, so have paper towels and stain remover/deodorizer ready.