Find The Best Feeding Method for Your Puppy

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Free–choice feeding vs timed feeding

The best method for feeding your puppy depends on her size and personality. If you set a big bowl of food in front of her, would she stop eating when she’s full? Or would she eat until the food is gone, regardless of hunger? Consider these two methods:

Free–Choice Feeding

Fill her bowl with dry puppy food in the morning and allow her to eat throughout the day whenever she’s hungry. This method allows her to eat more or less as her appetite fluctuates. If her morning walk is extended, she'll likely respond by eating more food; when she’s less active, she'll take in less. This is a great plan for laid–back eaters.

Timed Feeding

Provide rations on a twice–daily schedule, allowing your puppy to eat for 30 minutes before removing her bowl. This establishes routine and perfectly proportions her calories. This feeding method is ideal for overeaters, large breeds and obese dogs.

By understanding the real reasons for your dog’s behavior before, during and after feeding time, you’ll be able build healthy eating habits for a lifetime.