Introducing Your New Puppy to Your Home

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new puppy to your home
  • Prepare beforehand by purchasing the care and feeding items that your puppy will need.
  • When your new family member arrives home, confine her to a single room and allow her to explore that room at her own pace. It’s often helpful to start by introducing the puppy in a room where she will be spending a large amount of time each day.
  • After she has explored and settled in, begin to introduce family members—preferably one at a time. Each person can interact with the new puppy by speaking to her quietly, sitting on the floor next to her, and gently petting her or enticing her into a game with a toy.
  • Show her sleeping area, toys and food and water bowls.
  • Take her outside frequently to eliminate, always using the same door.
  • Ensure that your puppy has plenty of time to nap and rest during her first day. Travel and introductions to a new family are exciting, but they are also very tiring.