Puppy Handling and Daily Care

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Daily Care

From the time she spent with her breeder, your puppy was handled to prepare her for future physical examinations and treatments. To continue this process of puppy handling, you should handle her every day—ideally off the ground on a table—and run your hands over her body, down her legs to her feet, and check her nails. Also look at her eyes and check her ears.

Gently open her mouth and run your finger along her gums and teeth. Her adult teeth won’t develop until she is 6 months old, but this experience of having her mouth handled will help her stay calm when you do need to start cleaning her adult teeth. This will also help when she is examined by the vet and when you brush and bathe her, clip her nails and clean her ears.

Remember when bathing to only use special puppy shampoo that won’t sting if she gets it in her eyes. And when you groom her, use a brush that suits her length of hair. Shorthaired breeds should be brushed with a soft brush, but longhaired breeds or those with a double coat can be brushed with short wire brushes and steel combs. Be careful you are not scratching skin.