Puppy Milestones, Month by Month

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1 Month

  • Milk teeth are coming in
  • Weaning can begin

1 ½ Months

  • Nipping, play fighting, chewing
  • About 70% of adult brain mass is present

2 Months

  • Typical adoption time
  • Begin housebreaking and integration with household (including children and other pets)
  • Begin talking with your veterinarian about vaccinations and the benefits of spaying/neutering

3 Months

  • Chasing animals, thrown objects, own tail
  • Recognizes own name
  • About 90% of adult brain mass is present

4 Months

  • Responds to “come”

5 Months

  • Puppy training classes can begin after vaccinations are completed—ask your veterinarian about the best starting time for your puppy
  • Approaching adult height and weight for small breeds (up to 20 lbs.)

6 Months

  • Fetching; toys remain important through adulthood
  • Can respond to “heel,” “down,” “sit,” “fetch,” “stay”
  • Sexual maturity for some small breed dogs

7 Months

  • Milk teeth are lost; permanent teeth are in
  • Talk with your veterinarian about your puppy’s dental health and the advantages of EUKANUBA™ DentaDefense™

8 Months

  • Puppy can be expected to hold elimination for about 8 hours

9 Months

  • Puppy training classes complete

12 Months

  • Approaching adult height and weight for large breeds (more than 50 lbs.)

18 Months

  • Sexual maturity reached for some large breed dogs
  • Approaching social maturity, adult behavior (all dogs)