Puppy Playtime

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Playing is a great way to train and bond with your puppy in a positive and fun way, but the games she plays will affect her behavior in the future.

  • Games that are calm and controlled by you are the most effective.
  • Aggression can be fostered if you play tug of war, so make sure you don’t create a competitive environment between you and your puppy.
  • She is likely to become aroused or frustrated with intense physical play, so ensure children are not around or involved when her games are like this. 

Only use suitable dog toys that are safe for your puppy. Items intended for human use or personal belongings should not be used for play; these may not be safe and the puppy will not be able to distinguish between something which you value and something that you have discarded.

Your puppy can be taught to retrieve her toys, but her ability will be dependent on her breed and personality.