Puppy Socialization

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  • At the age of 3 months, your puppy’s brain is developing well, and she has the ability to learn quickly, although her attention span is very short and she will be easily distracted.
  • You should observe your puppy and work at her pace. Your puppy will tire easily, so all the experiences should be frequent but short.
  • As she is introduced to new people, it’s important that all of her new experiences are positive ones. To do this in a controlled manner, invite people to meet her at your home. If they have a well–behaved dog, invite them, too — provided they have been vaccinated.
  • To create a positive association with people, allow other people to give her kibble or a treat like EUKANUBA™ HEALTHY EXTRAS™.
  • Make it clear to children that they must respect the puppy and not handle her inappropriately or pick her up in case they drop her.
  • Visits to busy places are possible, but you should carry your puppy to avoid contact with the ground, which may have been contaminated by animals that might carry disease. Remember that some animal diseases are airborne, too.
  • For more on socialization, check out this video from EUKANUBA™ and Canine Companions for Independence: