50 Years of Unstoppable Dogs

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Eukanuba™ History

Over two decades after he first founded the Iams® dog food company, Paul Iams was still dreaming about making a premium dog food. He was inspired by the abilities of sporting and working dogs, and he looked to science to create a food that could help fuel all that they did. So in 1969, as most brands continued designing products to keep costs low, Paul Iams chose a different path: he launched the first high protein dog food that put performance and nutritional science first, even if it cost a little more. He chose the name Eukanuba™, a jazz term meaning “supreme” to symbolize his vision for next-level canine nutrition.

Over 50 years later, we’re proud to continue what he started.

Always Pushing the Limits

The best never rest. We’re constantly pushing to advance nutrition, improve dogs’ lives and enhance performance. Over the past 50 years, that’s often meant our formulas broke new ground. We were the first to use beet pulp and prebiotics to help optimize digestion. The first to use omega–6 and omega–3 fatty acids to support skin and coat health. The first to create antioxidant blends to support immune function in puppies and senior dogs. We’ve patented levels of DHA that promote brain function in adults and improve trainability in puppies, developed optimized energy and minerals for large–breed dogs…The list of breakthroughs goes on — and our commitment to next–level nutrition will as well.

Fuel a Healthy, Active Life