For service dogs, performance is a lifelong endeavor, and the “field” is anywhere and everywhere their handlers go. The right nutrition plan offers optimal energy and helps defend against the effects of regular exercise. Eukanuba™ Premium Performance 26/16 Exercise delivers a tailored nutrition profile for service dog needs.

Ongoing training benefits from superior brain health and development

Working dogs and those in training can both benefit from DHA and antioxidants to support brain health and development. DHA and antioxidants support brain health and may help dogs’ cognitive function, which can impact learning.

Long working days require maintainable energy levels

Service dogs need a diet rich in fatty acids that keep them going all day long. Fatty acids are an excellent source of dietary energy and are highly digestible.

Service dogs need strong teeth that help perform tasks

Service dogs use their mouths regularly in their work. Good oral health is important for a service dog's full-body health.

Recommended for Service Dogs:

Eukanuba™ Premium Performance 26/16 Exercise