Setting your sporting dog up for success in the field means starting with optimized nutrition. They need strength, energy and focus to keep them from tapping out when things get tough. Eukanuba™ Premium Performance products are designed to fuel hard-working sporting dogs. 

Sustained performance requires strong muscles supported by amino acids

Essential amino acids are a critical component of protein delivered in a dog's diet as they are the amino acids which the body is not able to produce. Since amino acids are the building blocks for larger proteins, and indeed tissue itself, they promote muscle regeneration and support the production of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to muscles.

Lengthy activity necessitates healthy fats that provide energy 

Aerobic (sustained) efforts from sporting dogs require more fatty acids, as these are the most concentrated source of energy. Triglycerides (a group of three fatty acids) are highly digestible, meaning most of the fats your dog eats are metabolized and used for energy.

Optimal brain function demands antioxidants

Sporting dogs need focused minds for the task at hand. DHA and antioxidants may help your dog's cognitive function, which can impact learning and memory.

Recommended for Sporting Dogs:

Eukanuba™ Premium Performance 30/20 Sport