Quick-thinking dogs on the flyball course need nutritional plans that support their every move. This high-frequency team sport demands an all-or-nothing attitude and peak performance. Eukanuba™ Premium Performance offers the nutritional support flyball dogs need to be at their best every time they compete.

Frequent high-impact activity requires support for joints and tendons

Dogs that participate in high-impact activity are at risk for microtrauma, which can impact joint cartilage health. Glucosamine and chondroitin help keep cartilage healthy.

Brief, intense exercise calls for carbohydrates that fuel performance

For anaerobic efforts, dogs’ bodies rely mainly on carbohydrates for fuel. When carbs are digested, they’re converted into glucose that is used for energy. Excess energy is stored and can be rapidly mobilised to power work.

Recovery from strenuous exercise requires digestive support

Intense workouts put stress on the digestive mucosa. Active dogs need highly digestible diets with fibre that support digestive health and promote optimal stool quality.

Recommended for Flyball Dogs

Eukanuba™ Premium Performance