A working dog’s peak performance on the job can mean more lives saved. Proper care protects them from risky situations and recurring health challenges, ensuring long and fruitful careers. Eukanuba™ Premium Performance products are designed with working dog health in mind.

Long working days require sustained performance

Working dogs need not only higher caloric density but also a greater content of fatty acids that help keep them going all day long. Triglycerides (a group of three fatty acids) are an excellent source of dietary energy and highly digestible.

Joint agility demands tailored nutrients that maintain cartilage

Dogs that participate in high-impact activity are at risk for microtrauma, which can affect joint cartilage health. Glucosamine and chondroitin help keep cartilage healthy.

High potential for injury calls for more muscle integrity

High protein diets help reduce working dogs’ potential for injury by accelerating muscle regeneration and boosting production of hemoglobin. Protein also adds to strength by providing more amino acids. 

Recommended for Working Dogs:

Eukanuba™ Premium Performance