Canine athletes convert energy from calories to power their movements. The longer the effort, the more calories are needed.


Endurance activities require more energy from fats than sprints, which rely more heavily on carbohydrates as an energy source.


Extreme hot or cold weather demands more of your dog. Maintaining the ideal body condition may require adjustments to nutrition. Even slight dehydration can affect performance—be sure to maintain optimal hydration levels.


Increased respiration may require adjustments to nutrition and extra care in regard to hydration levels.


Deep terrains require more effort from your dog, and thermal conductivity in water affects the energy needed to maintain body temperature.


An uphill climb involves a heavier lift and a higher altitude demands more energy for respiration due to lower oxygen levels.

Living Condition

Outside of training sessions, dogs that live outdoors and in canine communities exercise more due to their interactions with other dogs.