Why Your High-Performance Dog Needs High-Performance Dog Food

Performance dogs have unique nutritional needs. To perform their best, these special dogs need a high-performance dog food that helps keep them going.

At Eukanuba™ we've developed products that are designed to help optimize a dog’s performance based on activity, duration, intensity and frequency.

Performance Dogs Need More Calories and Nutrients

Performance dogs need more calories than other dogs because their activities demand more of their bodies. They need a formula with optimal protein, carbohydrates and fat, with nutrients that can be easily absorbed by their body. Eukanuba™ Premium Performance formulas deliver this by providing:

  • High-quality, animal-based proteins that provide essential amino acids to help build muscle and fuel activity

  • "Quick energy" carbohydrates such as finely ground corn meal that can be efficiently absorbed by your dog’s digestive system

  • High-quality fat from chicken and fish, which provide fatty acids including omega-3 fatty acids to keep the coat and skin healthy

  • Fermentable fiber in the form of beet pulp to support optimal stool quality

When to Feed Your Dog a High-Performance Dog Food

Even sled dogs don't need performance food year-round. Feeding performance food to a dog that is not exercising regularly could result in unhealthy weight gain. If you plan to switch your dog’s food during non-training season, you should do so slowly. To avoid stomach upset, gradually mix the performance food into the dog's usual diet for seven days. Dogs that run regularly throughout the year can be served a performance diet year-round.

Proper nutrition for an athletic dog helps to get his body in shape and will enable him to go the extra mile every day—whether it’s a 5km run or racing the Iditarod.