Adult Dog Exercise and Workouts

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As a young adult, your puppy’s bones and joints are now sufficiently developed to start more varied exercise and you can now build up the distance and frequency of walks, depending on the breed size of your dog. If you’ve made good progress with off–leash control and it’s something you and your dog would enjoy, you can develop this into activities like agility training, working trials, herding, jogging and heel work to music.

As a basic introduction to agility, try the following dog exercises at home to see how your puppy responds:
Place a plank of wood on the ground and encourage your puppy to walk along it.
Place two objects a few feet apart and teach her to walk between them.
Create an open tunnel using some household objects like chairs positioned on either side and encourage your puppy to run through the middle.

If she enjoys these activities, it’s a good indication that she might enjoy agility training – but remember to speak to your vet before starting any form of agility training to ensure it will be suitable for your puppy.

Speak to your vet for specific advice on the risk to your puppy as larger breeds are more likely to experience skeletal problems and may need more time before you start specific activities.