Training a Puppy:

9 Ways to Be a Good Puppy Parent

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good puppy parent

A lot of attention gets paid to training new puppies, but people need some training, too. Here’s what you can do to make sure you have a good experience with your new puppy.

  1. Be patient. Your puppy is in a completely new environment and very new to the world. Keep that in mind.
  2. Be predictable. Routine is important because it lets your puppy know what to expect and provides the opportunity to repeat (or avoid) key behaviors.
  3. Don’t scold or hit. Puppies often can’t make the connection between peeing on the rug and why a person is yelling — they just think they’re mean. Simply take your puppy to where she needs to be and use consistent commands like, “Go potty.”
  4. Be around. Avoid leaving your puppy alone too much or for long stretches. Dogs are pack animals who crave social interaction.
  5. Know who is responsible. Establish who will let your puppy out, handle walks and feeding — and what times they will do it.
  6. Establish the rules. Get everyone on the same page about what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t, so your puppy gets consistent messages.
  7. Don’t feed from the table. It’s a hard habit to change, and “people food” — aside from often being unhealthy — has the potential to create digestive problems.
  8. Watch the kids. If you have children, make sure the puppy approaches the child (not the other way around), and always make sure an adult is present when they interact.
  9. Create a safe place. Puppy–proof your house to protect your pup, ease your anxiety and protect your belongings.