Sled dogs are the extreme athletes of the canine world, and their diets need to reflect their efforts. Deep terrains require them to push hard and give it everything they’ve got. Eukanuba™ Premium Performance is designed to support dogs that perform at elite levels.

Extremely lengthy periods of exercise need appropriate sustenance

Vigorous work requires high energy intake. Lengthy, intense exercise requires more fatty acids and a higher calorie content to enable a sled dog to go to great lengths.

High-intensity workouts necessitate muscular support

Sled dogs log thousands of kilometres per year and work long days for weeks in a row. A high protein diet supports muscle regeneration and promotes production of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to the muscles.

Strenuous exercise demands digestive system relief

Long, hard days put stress on the digestive mucosa. Sled dogs need highly digestible diets with fiber that support digestive health and promote optimal stool quality. 

Recommended for Sled Dogs:

Eukanuba™ Premium Performance