Dry food is the most popular option for dog owners, simply because it’s usually more convenient. However, wet food can work best for owners that find their pets are needing more enticing aromas to appeal to their dog’s senses. As each type of diet has its own range of benefits, a lot of owners find the best method is to give their dog a mix of both wet and dry together. This mixed feeding approach means dogs get to enjoy the advantages of both wet and dry dog food. It can also be a great solution for the type of dog that needs coaxing at mealtime but requires a little extra care when it comes to their dental health. One thing to note is that while dry food lasts for a while when stored properly, an open can of wet food will only last around 24 hours.

The benefits of dry food

Dry dog food has a long list of benefits for dogs and their owners. Dry kibble stores better than wet food once it’s been opened. For dogs, the biggest benefit of dry food is how it influences their oral health. The texture of some dry kibble is designed to promote a brushing effect on your dog's teeth when they chew.

The benefits of wet food

If you've tried countless kinds of kibble and are still not seeing your dog finishing their meal, talk to your vet first. But introducing wet food to their diet may help resolve this. Due to the meaty smells of wet food, many dogs will be more attracted to this type of meal. This can solve many headaches for owners with fussy dogs. The wetness is due to the high moisture content that also serves another great purpose of helping your dog stay hydrated.

The benefits of mixed feeding

Due to the range of benefits that wet and dry diets boast, a mixed feeding approach can help your dog get the most out of mealtime. Combining both wet and dry to their diet can give them some variety, where they are exposed to different textures that they will generally be more tempted to try. When you offer a picky dog a meal that is a combination of both, you’ll usually find they’ll be drawn to the aromas of this mixed meal in a way that they perhaps weren’t from an exclusive dry diet. You'll also find confidence in knowing that by feeding your dog a complete and balanced wet or dry food that they'll be receiving the nutrition they need.